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Gelée Fondante ++ Raspberry

Gelée Fondante ++ Raspberry

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                            Low and naturally occuring sugars only

Indulge in this fruity and fibre-packed jelly with a rich and smooth texture.

We have selected fruits rich in fibres, polyphenols and other antioxidants such as grape, baobab fruit, mango, raspberry or even pineapple, and opted for gentle cooking to preserve their nutrients as much as possible, namely the prebiotic fibres of the baobab fruit.
This Raspberry jelly is formulated with a unique combination of fibre-packed raspberries and baobab fruit for a rich texture, providing a burst of fruity flavour with every bite. Enjoy a vibrant combination of natural flavours!

Pair it with a slice of bread, (mature) cheese, yoghurts...

Ingredients: Grape juice, raspberry purée and juice, baobab fruit, lemon juice, agar-agar.


Contains only naturally occurring sugars. NO ADDED SUGARS.


                                                VEGAN - PLANT-BASED



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