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Kinkeliba Power Tea - 25g / 40 cups

Kinkeliba Power Tea - 25g / 40 cups

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The Full Detox Herbal Tea: An authentic Gift from Nature

Made of carefully selected and handpicked Kinkeliba leaves (Combretum Micranthum), stemming from a bush that flourishes naturally in certain West African countries, this tea is known for its numerous properties, namely:

  • Cell-rejuvenating
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Rich in iron and invigorating
  • Helps lower blood pressure levels (hypertension)
  • Known to lower bad cholesterol
  • Known to regulate blood sugar levels
  • Highly Detoxifying
  • Strong slimming powers
  • Liver Flush
  • Diuretic
  • Digestive Properties
  • Theine-/ Caffeine-Free

Kinkeliba has digestive and gut health properties in general, namely because it contains polyols such as sorbitol, (also found in prunes) and because of the amount and diversity of its antioxidants. This herbal tea has a strong and subtle taste reminiscent of black teas / traditional breakfast teas, and a pleasant aroma. We also call it Senegalese Breakfast Tea, as it is also traditionally used for breakfast in Senegal, and as a remedy to common ailments (flu, cold, stomach aches...).

With its cell-rejuvenating powers, this "Senegalese Breakfast Tea" is the perfect full detox treatment!

Ingredients: Kinkeliba Leaves.

Net weight: 25g. Leaves can be used 2-3 times : Enjoy 40-50 cups!

Recommended use: Boil for 3-5 minutes to reveal the taste and efficiency,  10-15 minutes for the fullest flavour and richest results.


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